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You are an expert on what you are doing: you are writing and/or maintaining applications and services, which customers are using either directly online or by downloading, installing and working with on a daily basis. But you might wonder, how well does your applications and services behave for everyday users? Do errors occur, when your customers are using your applications, which you don't have any means of keeping track on? Here is the spot, where can help you identify and reduce problems. We offer you an API where your applications can submit reports, directly and automated whenever errors occurs in your applications. We offer a web service where you can login, and read error reports which has been filed. And we even notify you of when specific error occurs, which you want to keep an extra eye open for.

You may be interested in outsourcing the maintenance of your applications internally or to another company, give them the login to the service and let them take care of the support and the fixing of errors in your applications. This means freeing up time for you so that you can improve your own applications and remain market leading within your field.
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